Solution for VoIP telephony based on Asterisk

Agile, powerful and scalable Telephony Service

We provide our customers the possibility of offering an agile, powerful and scalable telephony service. The software is installed on the customer's own CPD, automatically self-managed by Krill and supervised by our VoIP experts.
Some of the features it brings together are:

  • Configuration of client extensions quickly and easily

  • Maximum security through a firewall to prevent phone fraud

  • Adapted for remote support

  • CDR viewer from monitoring platform

  • Service of redirection, voicemail, Do Not Disturb, blacklist, etc.

  • Different dialling contexts depending on the client

  • Public network connection using SIP Trunk

For customers or companies that need more professional requirements than the typical ones, our solution also provides a virtual PBX service that will be covered by offering the following functionalities:
  • Dialling groups

  • Queues

  • Digital receptionist (announcements)

  • Calendar definition (public holidays, vacations, schedule)

  • Call handling based on that calendar (public holidays, vacations, schedules, etc)

Agile, powerful and scalable telephony service