Technical audit

Efficiency and security of the network

Network analysis

The purpose of this service is to analyse the customer’s network and, once elements that have not been optimised have been detected, to collaborate with the technical team in order to make improvement suggestions, both for quality of the service offered and for internal processes.

Phicus Technology has the knowledge, experience and tools needed to analyse the operation of an operator and detect possible corrections in:

  • Last mile networks (GPON, DOCSIS, Wi-Fi/WiMAX)

  • Switching, routing, point-to-point links, voice over IP, TV (DVB/IP)...

  • Provision-monitoring tools

  • Client management software and security and operator incidents

Last mile networks analysis (GPON, DOCSIS, Wi-Fi/WiMAX), etc

Depending on the scope of the service to be performed, for example, tasks of studying the servers, the physical facilities (in CPDs and communication towers) or detecting discrepancies between what has been billed and the service offered can also be addressed.