Integration of Krill with various service environments

A team of experts at your service

We undertake an analysis with the customer’s needs, offering a wide range of services for the initial configuration and launch of services that adapt to their network. From projects that are in an initial roll-out phase to previously established networks that have been providing service for years, our team of experts provides guidance to be able to reach the milestones that make a network grow and provide a better service.

Configuration and launch of services that adapt to their network.
  • Configuration of backbone network equipment such as routers, switches, point-to-point links, etc.

  • Configuration of network equipment based on access technology (OLT, CMTS…)

  • Advice for correct sizing of the network.

  • Network audit to detect critical or improvement points and correct them with the help of our technical team.

  • Configuration of BGP, CGNAT, etc.

  • Implementation of VoIP telephony via Asterisk-based virtual PBX.

  • Training of the customer’s technical team.