Software for bitstream access to wholesale operator networks

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What is Rubik?

Rubik is a web application that enables bitstream access to the networks of wholesale operators to other operators
Rubik is a web application that enables bitstream access to the networks of wholesale operators to other operators so that they can provide service through them. It allows management and operation of fibre optic networks from different FTTH wholesalers, allowing different networks from different operators to be brought together under the same unified environment.

This solution allows FTTH services to be offered over the wholesalers’ infrastructure, as if they were on the same network, according to the conditions agreed upon with the wholesale providers: seek coverage, request registration of FTTH services or even open and manage support tickets.

What's new in Rubik?

It acts as a “tracker”, comparing the different coverage options among wholesalers who have a fibre optic network in the Real Estate Unit in which to provide the service. In addition, in the case of agreements with more than one wholesaler, it unifies all services that are processed via bitstream on a single platform.

Rubik allows the operator to manage the services it provides through the wholesaler's network as if it were from their own network, and also does not require additional tools to operate, either from Phicus or third parties, allowing connection with other systems such as CRMs for invoicing.

Advantages of Rubik

  • Rubik is designed to support multiple wholesalers
  • You can consult the wholesalers' coverage in the real estate unit and decide which is most suitable for contracting the service.
  • The technical requirements for implementing Rubik are simple and affordable for any size operator.
  • Management of coverage through Gescal, Arvato and any other proprietary format of the wholesaler.
  • It does not require any additional tools to operate, from Phicus Technology or from third parties.
  • Designed to be shared among multiple operators.
  • It is free software, the operator has control over the system at all times.
  • It covers all of the services offered by the APIs of each wholesaler.
  • It allows the performance of a series of actions/tests on the equipment in the wholesale network that help with monitoring and diagnosis.
  • It provides a complete REST API to integrate the operator’s CRM/ERP.

Main features

  • Multi-wholesale

  • The operator can reach agreements with as many wholesalers as their business plan recommends. Rubik works with everyone in parallel.

  • Quote comparison

  • When the service is booked, the operator will be able to choose the best offer from among the wholesalers who have coverage in the selected Real Estate Unit.

  • Complete solution

    • FTTH services: consult coverage, reservation, activation, changes, cancellation.
    • Facility management: expected dates, incidents.
    • Trouble Ticketing.
    • Tests: details of provision, registration status, signal levels, etc.
    The detail of options will depend on whether the implementation of the wholesaler’s APIs is compatible or not. Contact Phicus if you need to know what options each wholesaler provides.

  • Graphic Interface

  • It unifies the operations of wholesaler APIs so that the operator's commercial staff can always work in the same way.


  • The entire development of the interface development is based on the Rubik's own API. If the operator prefers, they can do the same to make it another tool in their current management software.

  • Stand-alone software

  • Rubik can collaborate with any provision and/or monitoring system. Logically, integration with Krill is immediate and simple.

  • Open Source

  • And, as always at Phicus, the operator is in full control of their network.