Proactive monitoring of the network during extended hours

Events and incidents under control

During office hours, both the operator’s personnel and Phicus Tecnología’s personnel will monitor the Krill messages in Slack. The events are processed, the incidents are managed, the problems are diagnosed and the nocturnal actions are executed in accordance with the schedule. However, there are time slots with increased activity that may be overlooked.

  • The time of the highest Internet use by the residential user is between 8 and 12 at night.
  • The technicians who manage registrations have the highest volume of activity on Saturday mornings, because this is when it is most suitable for the end user.
  • Although network actions take place during the early hours, on a live network events can occur at any time (24x7).
In any case, events, incidents and problems (many of them detected and reported by Krill) are not addressed. Messages that arrive on the mobiles are not consulted until several hours later, so the incidents remain unaddres.

With this scenario, Knocking is the NOC service, based on Krill, created to address that lack of network monitoring during those intervals. This implies proactive monitoring of the network during extended hours.