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Steve is an IPTV system designed for telecommunications operators. It provides all the necessary IPTV services to provide an agile and quality solution in the field of Television content.

As an operator, what can Steve offer me?

The main competitive advantage of implementing STEVE is to be able to expand your subscriber base by offering two or more channels per household.


  • It offers IP video services, such as: IPTV, OTT and VoD.
  • It is based on AVC / H.264 MPEG-4 compression technology in order to broaden the scope of the service.
  • It offers low bitrates ~ 1MB in SD channels and 2MB in HD channels, and therefore, greater bandwidth efficiency, which allows solutions to be used by any transmission technology, such as DOCSIS, WiFi or WiMAX .


  • It is designed to adapt to the specific needs of the operator, supporting IPTV Multicast technology for GPON fiber optic networks and OTT.
  • The middleware currently supports set-top-boxes based on Android.
  • It has a simplified presentation which adapts to all types of audiences, abstracting the Android layer, but without losing all of its potential.
  • Its design facilitates the integration of Android applications, such as Youtube and Netflix.
  • It is developed in such a way that it includes an installation and autoconfiguration system which facilitates the start-up task, even for end customers, thanks to the automatic update system via OTA.