Operation and maintenance

Advanced operation and integration of equipment, services and systems.

Specialized advice and consulting

We accompany our customers from the very beginning, offering specialised consultancy for the operation and maintenance of their systems. We commit to offer impartial guidance adapted to their needs. Our goal is to facilitate the operator with the knowledge and tools needed in order to improve the technical management and control of their network, in coordination with the technical team.

Type of operations

  • Operation and maintenance of network equipment (routers, switches, OLTS, CMTS...)
  • Automatic provision of equipment from different manufacturers.
  • Monitoring of each of the elements that make up the network.
  • Alarm system that notifies any event that occurs on the network.
  • 24x7 support via chat, enabling dynamic and seamless communication between both technical teams.
  • Agile resolution of service issues.
  • Consultancy/advisory in the design of the network architecture.
  • Configuration backups.
  • Software update.
  • Registro Logs de IP.
  • IP Logs.