About us

In our product vision we have committed to free software-based development

Our philosophy

Phicus Tecnología focuses its work on the development of software that is specific to the sector and the high specialisation of its engineers in systems and telecommunications to provide expert advice applied to network consulting. As no agreement is established with equipment manufacturers or other service providers for operators, it will always make recommendations for hardware, service contracting, configuration of equipment and diagnosis of problems autonomously, only monitoring the interests of the operator and the development of the business.

ISPs face the challenge of adapting to an ever-changing industry, and so we are committed to making a great effort in R&D in order to provide our customers with innovative solutions and engineering services tailored to their needs.
Our team, in continuous training, is focused on improving our solutions and services every day. We have a permanent vocation to innovate, to find the most effective response to the new technological challenges facing the operator in order to:

  • Optimise processes
  • Improve the quality of service
  • Reduce costs (network deployment and operational)
  • Promote the development and innovation of the business
  • Gain competitive advantages.

Our focus is on automating provision and monitoring processes so that the service can continuously improve and so that the various departments can have the best tools.


Our team has more than 20 years of industry experience developing and integrating solutions for telecommunications operators. We have incorporated young talent to the solvency of this trajectory, so as to achieve the best results of a team work capable of improving the offer of solutions and services for ISPs. Our team consists of highly qualified engineers and professionals and acts in a coordinated manner to achieve the best results for the customer.


Our Development Department is continuously working on the evolution of Krill. This R&D department guarantees us the generation of technology and services that adapt to the client’s needs. Our Operations Department performs its work in close interaction with the customer, offering agile attention through personalised and direct treatment. Always focused on the operation and maintenance of the networks as well as on designing solutions tailored to each project.


φ (phi) is balance. At Phicus Tecnología we like balance: between cable and wireless, between automations and customisations, between programs and machines, between experience and youth, stability and innovation. And why not, between work and family, leisure and business, present and future. We provide balance because we have experience: we know how small operators work – and also big operators; we know the new protocols... as well as the classics. We know how to invent products... and also how to adapt them to permanent change.

Quiénes somos

Ignacio Rojo Sebastián


Enrique Miguel Pastor Ripoll


Raúl Pardines Igualada

Operations Dept. Manager

Juan Gómez Melero

Development Dept.

Luis Núñez Parra

Operations Dept.

Francisco José Férez Bermejo

Operations Dept.

Ángel Almarcha Sánchez

Operations Dept.

Álvaro Marco Perea

Operations Dept.

Alejandro Rodríguez García

Operations Dept.

Sergio Noguera Sánchez

Operations Dept.

Andrés Martinez Moreno

Development Dept.

Pavel del Pozo Rajas

Development Dept.

Victor José Guerrero Martínez

Development Dept.

Esther Marín Rosique

Management & Organization

Antonia Sánchez Durán

Administration Dept.

"We work as an R&D department with local and regional operators. We create innovative solutions and constantly integrate new equipment into the production systems of our clients. We also make it easier for them to improve their ability to adapt to new technologies and to have better solutions at lower costs, increasing their competitiveness." Ignacio Rojo, Phicus Tecnología CEO.