Phicus | Technical audit
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Technical audit

Technical audit of networks

Phicus Technology has the knowledge, experience and tools to analyze the operator´s network and detect possible corrections in last mile networks (GPON, DOCSIS, WiFi / WiMAX), switching, routing, point to point, voice over IP, TV (DVB / IP), provision-monitoring tools, security and client management software and operator incidents. According to the scope of the service the cliente requires, we can undertake, for example, the study of the servers, physical facilities (in CPDs and communications towers) or detection of discrepancies between the invoiced and the service offered.

This service aims to analyze the network and, once the non-optimized points have been detected, collaborate with the technical team to make proposals for improvement, both in the service offered and in the internal procedures.

  • Optimize the processes, either by improving the quality metrics of the service offered, either by reducing costs with the improvement of technical management.
  • Promote the development and innovation of your business.
  • Address new business opportunities. Improve the efficiency of innovation project management (through continuous monitoring of the results and parameters that can be improved).
  • Obtain competitive advantages and improve knowledge management in the organization.