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Phicus Technology

DOCSIS, GPON & WiMAX experts

Network engineering, development and specialized technical support 24×7

R&D oriented to small and medium-sized telecommunications operators


Krill is a software for provisioning and monitoring, specifically designed for ISPs that use GPON, DOCSIS and / or WiFi / WiMAX access technologies. It has been successfully tested in networks in production using the latest technologies and manufacturers. Developed in Python, its modular design and commitment to collaborative software guarantee its rapid adaptation to new technological challenges and protocols, ideal for newer manufacturers wanting to enter the sector, as well as providing new models and firmwares for those already established

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Phicus is a combination of Phi and Ficus. Phi is the Greek letter that represents the golden ratio. Detected in nature and used by many artists for thousands of years, it represents
harmony, aesthetics, balance.

Ficus is a genus of trees, shrubs and climbers. Being evergreen, it always protects us. The vision of the macrophylla trunk, admires us. The fig of the ficus carica (common fig tree), feeds us.


φ (phi) is balance. And in Phicus, we like balance: between cable and wireless, between automations and customizations, between programs and machines, between experience and
youth, stability and innovation. And, why not, between work and family, leisure and business, present and future.

And we provide balance because we have experience: we know how small operators work … and also how large ones do; we know the new protocols … without forgetting the classics. We know how to invent products … and also adapt them to the permanent state of change.


Our goal is continuous learning. We have a permanent vocation to innovate, to find the most effective response to new technological challenges in the telecommunications operator sector.